Pack Your Bag And Go

When is the right time to travel?

As Indonesian who has country with two seasons only, traveling within this archipelago is not some weather-thing to worry about. You can always book an airplane ticket — or go to train or bus station, and start the journey. Whether wet season or dry, this country offers splendid sceneries.


Off course, like everywhere in the world, you will have all the piña coladas in dry season — or summer. It’s the high peak of traveling season because all the magic will happen within this time of year. It’s the time when all majestic animals are spawning; from Komodo Dragon in Rinca to Green Turtle in Derawan. It’s the time when all beautiful flowers blossom. It’s the time when a bunch of amazing sunrises and sunsets seem agreed to make parade for every mortals on earth: from the classic Bromo sunrise to the melancholic Amboina sunset.

But don’t be a fainted heart when it comes to wet season. Because like all low seasons, you get the best price for everything money can spent. Get discounted rooms and cheap tickets here. Meet the uncrowded tourist destination. Often in the most cliché landscape you will find your serenity sanctuary.

Get in touch with the locals, as their wisdom often helps you to overcome troubled weather: from reading the big ocean wave in Java Sea to heavy current below Bunaken, from predict the sulphur gas attack in Ijen Crater to misty road towards Dieng plateau.

With the smaller possibilities to catch the blue sky, you will appreciate the glimpse of a sun reflection in three colours lake in the peak of Kelimutu mountain. You will know that Ambon’s Rarobang coffee or Slawi tea in a clay pot are served better in rainy day, that’s when you hear the sound of thunder and first smell of the petrichor.

Also a little kiss of a raindrop won’t hurt you.

Who to travel with?

8334896858_a7a1d44747_oGoing solo is the easiest way to travel, yet the bravest one. You don’t have to deal with other people business and schedule. You will take a walk when you’re ready. It’s the perfect time to realise that you are strong enough to live a life by yourself: not based on other’s opinions. Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

I made some solo trips a long time ago. From my experience, the college time or just when you graduated probably the best time to go solo; because thats when you have all the time in the world—but very short on budget. You will never be more creative and brave when you were young. You can hitchhike vegetable truck just to get to Sindoro mountain. You can sneak into the economy class train to Banyuwangi. You will try to go to your destination with any ways that cost less than your humble budget. Also you will have to take care all by yourself, from taking photograph with monopod—or tongsis, making itinerary, to guard your own safety, because nobody watch your back.

Traveling with companion(s) is often more challenging for most people than going solo. It’s the art of knocking down your own ego for the greater good. Some might say, if you want to test a person character, take her/him travel with you.

When you traveled with companion, being judgmental is one of the deficiency you may want to get rid of. I always believe that good travelers don’t care about your judgment, they will enjoy the journey while you keeping your grudges. Their smile is your wound.

Also it’s the best way to discover what kind of traveler are you. Every traveler have different moment of pleasures. Some in coffee, book, diving, sunset, or volunteering. Perhaps others in walking in paddy field, shopping, watching concert, or selfie. At the end of the day you will know that travelers are like G-Spot. It will take different treatment to get them have orgasm. And if you’re lucky you will meet other traveler that have same pleasure spot like you.

So what are you waiting for? It’s December already. Just pack your bag and go.

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